mallampalli chandrasekhara rao, who is popular as Chandramohan  is the golden

He was the last among the silver screen Old generation batch ….Today I too fell into eternal slumber from the world of my heart full audience.
The character is film actor Chandramohan

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Mallampalli Chandrasekhara Rao, who is popular as Chandramohan  is the golden age of Telugu cinema.  He is one of the actors of those days who still remain with us after acting under the direction of BS direction  In 1966, his film career began with the film Rangula Ratnam  Since then he has played many diverse roles as co-leader, leader, comedian and character actor.

Chandramohan is an actor who can play any role with aplomb. Actor Chandramohas, who was praised by the great actor NTR, said that if he takes one step, he can rule the industry.  Chandramohan excels in bringing to life on screen the character that was formed in the director’s imagination.

Chandramohan was born in Pamidimukkala village of Krishna district.  Andhra Pradesh. Bapatla Agriculture College B.Sc.  After completing it, he worked in Elur for some time.  He tried to join Madras with the enthusiasm to act in films.  Starting with Vahinivari’s Carousel movie, he became a character actor as a villain and a co-star as a hero

Even after heroes like Chiranjeevi came in the eighties, Chandramohan continued to act as a hero.  Chandramohas was seen as a boon to directors who came up with new ideas like Vishwanath and Bapu.  That is the reason behind Chandramohan playing a key role in many of Vishwanath’s films.  He is an actor who knows the director’s heart.

It is related to the director Vishwanath.  He is also associated with the singer SP Balasubrahmanyam.  Chandramohan’s younger brother will inherit.  The sentiment was strong in those days that any new heroine acting opposite Chandramohas would plow the industry.  He also proved his talent by acting as the father of Chiranjeevi, who acted as his co-protagonist.

In a way, Kamal Hasan ushered in the kind of change in the Tamil film industry…Chandramohan also played a similar role in the Telugu industry.  Starting with BS Reddy, Chandramohas acted as the hero in the films of Balachander, Bapu, Vishwanath, Jandyala, Mani Ratnam and other creative directors.

There are many heroes in the world of Telugu cinema.  But there are few who seem to be actors and among them this Chandramohan is one of those who shined on the silver screen.  Today this Telugu screen moon is “Chandramohan”.
They fell into eternal sleep
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