pollution-free electricity  in the near future..Massive employment opportunities in Andhra Pradesh.

Pollution-free electricity  in the near future..Massive employment opportunities in Andhra Pradesh.
CM Jagan
          (Raja Pentapati Beauro Chief)
                       National News
Amaravati November 28(Bharat News) AP
CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy laid the foundation stone for many projects related to the energy sector in Andhra Pradesh in a virtual manner.

The Chief Minister clarified that we are starting 12 substations today and laying the foundation stone for 16 substations.  By expanding the transmission capacity, we are creating a system to provide quality electricity to every village and every farmer.

With the intention of providing free electricity to the farmers for 9 hours during the day, he said that he started strengthening the electricity distribution system in the first days of coming to power.  He said that we are providing quality electricity to farmers by setting up feeders with Rs.1700 crores.

An agreement has been made with the SEC at a unit price of Rs 2.4 to provide free electricity consistently.  We will give free electricity to farmers for another 25 years without any problem.

Now they are stepping into a situation where the average unit price is Rs.2.4k.  The Chief Minister said that about Rs.3099 crores are being spent on substations.  The CM said that some of them have already been started and some others are being started.

He said that 25 thousand scooters are manufactured with renewable energy and are running in Vijayawada. Today we are laying the foundation stone for the production of one lakh scooters.  It is stated that around 100 jobs are being provided in the capacity of scooters and another 200 people will get employment.

He said that two industries are coming up in the solar park, in which 1700 jobs will be created, and today we are making MoUs with HPCL with another investment of Rs.10 thousand crores.

He said that all these are going to be taken faster and more job opportunities will be available in the coming days, on the other hand, better steps are being taken for power generation and supply in the state.  The CM said that we are starting this program hoping that there will be more conditions to increase it in the coming days.
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