“Solution or the downfall is in your hands”The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has lost the morals of pronouncing

“Solution or the downfall is in your hands”
The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has lost the morals of pronouncing the name “Naa Akkulu, Naa Chellellu?” …and has no right to ask for our salary increase?
Anganwadi womens

      (Raja Pentapati Beauro Chief)
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Amaravati December 18 (Bharat News) AP
The government is trying to aggravate the Anganwadi problem. Anganwadi workers say that there is no evidence that the government is planning to take action to collect the details of those who participated in the peaceful protest program. Women’s alleged.

Anganwadi workers who are given more priority than mother is a disgrace to this wicked government Does this state not have the right to ask for salary increase for those who worked?. Does this government

We are ready to fight. Our Anganwadi Centers like temples have come to us. Are we ready to teach enough lessons? Now the Chief Minister has lost the morals of uttering the name of my elder sisters, my sisters .

We have been silent for so long and limited to their RGs in many forms… but it is Chief Minister Jagan who has brought us on the road.

Even at the sacrifice of our lives, our moral responsibility is to stand up to the government. Prepare for anything. You have started the war… If you give up and solve our problem, it will be fine. If not, what is coming is election time threats.
The solution is…..the fall of the government leaders in your hands?
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