no more forced sex against the wife”a case of marital rape” against the husband if the act is committed?Supreme Court

No more forced sex against the wife
“A case of marital rape” against the husband if the act is committed?
Supreme Court
Letter to the Women and Child Welfare Department of the Union Home Ministry for opinion gathering

“Responding State Women’s Associations”

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Amaravati November 20 (Bharat News) AP

Vasireddy Padma, Chairperson Women Commission Government of Andhra Pradesh , She said that women have a right to their own body and it is a welcome development to “register cases of rape if the husband commits sexual acts against her will.” She said that the laws being made for the safety of women are being misused because they are not being used properly and the governments are holding back from enacting new laws as an excuse.

Today, in a meeting held in the office of the commission chaired by the chairperson of the state women’s commission Mrs. Vasireddy Padma, the members of the commission discussed the matter.

The Union Home Ministry has sought feedback from various groups on the Supreme Court’s instructions to register “marital rape cases” against a husband who has committed sexual acts against his wife.  The State Women’s Commission, which received the letter from the State Women and Child Welfare Department, discussed the matter comprehensively on Monday.

Therefore, the Women’s Commission is of the opinion that in the case of registering cases of rape against husbands, as this is a very sensitive and cognizant matter, due care should be taken in making the law.

He urged the central government to effectively implement the new laws with social consciousness to protect the rights of women and prevent the marriage system from being exposed to fluctuations. Members of the Women’s Commission explained.

In the meeting, the members of the commission Mrs. Gajjala Venkatalakshmi, Mrs. Boosi Vineeta, Kumari Geddam Uma, Mrs. Rokia Begum discussed this issue. Legal Counselor Mrs. A. Poojita Yadav explained regarding the cases of marital rape. Section Officers Mrs. S.V.S Sailaja, Mrs. B. Sandhya, Social Worker Mrs. G. Devi mentioned sexual assaults on women in the marriage system.
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