Vick.”Sniffer Dogs” play a vital role in identifying and nabbing people involved in illegal activities,

Vick.”Sniffer Dogs” play a vital role in identifying and nabbing people involved in illegal activities, a joint project of Railway Protection Force and Visakhapatnam City Task Force Police.

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Amaravati December 6 (Bharat News) AP
Along with safety and security, narcotics trained sniffer dogs have been introduced at viskhapatnam railway station.  On the first day, dogs recovered 12 kg of ganja and expressed their need

This is a joint project of Railway Protection Force, Visakha City Task Force Police.  These sniffer dogs will play a vital role in identifying and apprehending people involved in illegal activities

On the first day, the sniffer dog Vicky, who detected 12 kg bags of marijuana ready for delivery in the train, had always wanted to implement this experiment, but the first attempt was made on December 2.  Narcotics dog Vicky conducted inspections at platform no.6&7 of Visakhapatnam railway station.

During the night when train no.08552 express arrived at platform no.6, Vicky found two bags containing about 06 kg of ganja totaling 12 kg.  A team of Railway Protection Inspectors immediately responded.  The owner of the bag was searched for.  At the same time, Task Force Visakhapatnam detained three persons near Gate No. 05 of Visakhapatnam Railway Station. 

When they were interrogated in their own style, they revealed that they bought ganja and boarded train no.08552 and reached Visakhapatnam.  However, after being detected by the dog squad during the check, he left two bags on platform no.6 in fear and fled towards gate no.05 with one bag.  Visakhapatnam Task Force has detained the accused along with 12 kg bags of ganja recovered in the train for further legal action.

In the Telugu states, especially Andhra and Visakha, there is an increase in illegal trafficking of ganja. The smugglers are going above and beyond the steps taken by the police to stop the transportation of ganja and are crossing the states with ganja. Those who used to grow ganja crop in Visakha Agency.

The authorities have now curbed that illegal cannabis cultivation in the name of Operation Parwartan. But the ganja grows in the neighboring states which the agency thinks is being transported through Visakhapatnam. The police have taken many measures to stop this transport. Along with the system of informers, check posts, continuous surveillance and inspections have been put in place. Not stopping though.

It is going on steadily. In this background, this sniffer dog who received narcotic training was introduced in the railway station. The authorities are planning to introduce more sniffer dogs of this type in the future.
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