petition in high Court for action against cid Chief sanjay and aag ponnavolu

Petition in High Court for action against CID Chief Sanjay and AAG Ponnavolu
Due to Misused public money with Press Meets. while the Skill case was being investigated.

       (Raja Pentapati Beauro Chief)
Amaravati November 1 (Bharat News) AP
A petition has been filed in the High Court to order action against AP CID Chief Sanjay and Additional AAG Ponnavolu Sudhakar Reddy.  Satyanarayana, the organizer of the charity, filed a petition saying that the press meetings were held while the Skill case was being investigated.

His lawyer argued in the court that he had misused public money with press meets.  He said that the details were not given through RTI.  With the permission of the court, the High Court has ordered to ask for details through RTI once again.. to tell how much public money has been wasted.  Later, the High Court adjourned the further hearing to next week.
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