Drugs Control Administration, Telangana Officersbusted unlicensed drug manufacturing facilitybelonging to Spurious Drug offender Kadari


Drugs Control Administration, Telangana Officers
busted unlicensed drug manufacturing facility
belonging to Spurious Drug offender Kadari
Sateesh Reddy at Annarugudem Village, Tallada
Mandal, Khammam District
On credible information a special team of officers of Drugs Control Administration,
Telangana raided an unlicensed premises located at Plot No. 15, TSIIC Industrial
Park, Annarugudem Village, Tallada Mandal, Khammam District on 22nd December,
2023 which belongs to Aspen Biopharma.
DCA officers detected illicit manufacturing of drugs at the facility. Active
Pharmaceutical Ingredients Valsartan and Clopidogrel are found at the premises.
Stock of drugs about 935 Kgs is found at the premises.
The facility is being operated by Upender Reddy a close relative of Kadari Sateesh
Reddy whose unlicensed premises at Macha Bollaram, Hyderabad was raided by
DCA officers on 04th December and seized Spurious Anticancer Drugs and other
drugs worth Rs 4.35 Crores.
Kadari Sateesh Reddy, the prime accused, who absconded on 04th December after
seizure of Spurious Drugs from his premises is also the key conspirator in the current
illicit manufacturing of drugs at Annarugudem Village, Tallada Mandal.
Sri. C. Rajavardhana Chary, Deputy Director, DCA, Sri G. Prasad, Assistant Director,
DCA, Sri. K. Devender Reddy, Drugs Inspector, DCA, Sri. Ch. Anil Kumar, Drugs
Inspector, DCA and Ch. Sampath Kumar, Drugs Inspector, DCA are among the
officers who carried out the raid.
Kanugula Raju Production Manager, Vasanthapuram Sambashivarao Store incharge
and Sappidi Sudhakar Reddy, office incharge of the firm are present during the raid.
DCA officers took assistance of local police in the raid.
Officers seized the stock and lifted the samples for analysis. Further investigation shall
be carried out and action shall be taken as per the law against all the offenders who
are responsible for illicit manufacturing of drugs.