“Bodi Gundu Aina Rushikonda”?Jagan pictures for all schemes including “chicken eggs” too? Andhra Pradesh. called a sticker government.”

“Bodi Gundu Aina Rushikonda”?
Jagan pictures for all schemes including “chicken eggs” too? Andhra Pradesh. called a sticker government.”

BJP state president Purandeshwari’s key remarks

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Amaravati December 19 (Bharat News) AP
BJP state president Purandeshwari made key comments on Chief Minister Jagan. Speaking to the media on Tuesday..

She said that Jagan is playing with people’s lives with chief type liquor in AP. She said that the Jagan government is deceiving the people by not giving houses to the poor. TIDCO beneficiaries are facing difficulties due to not providing houses. AU has been converted into YCP office. They said that Jagan is playing puppets for all the schemes. “Jagan’s government will be called a sticker government.” She said that there has been an environmental violation in Rushikonda.. This hill has been razed. She criticized that Jagan is putting figures on chicken eggs too. It is said that there is a large number of fraudulent votes being registered. She said that the state government is not giving land to the railway zone.

They said they are neglecting not to give DPR to Metro Rail. She said that they gave land to ESC hospital if they put pressure on the state government. She alleged that many government properties were mortgaged in Visakha and that the YCP leaders were looting the lands. She said that the land was built as a gift to MP Vijayasai Reddy’s daughter. She said that the IT industry in the state has completely deteriorated… Many IT industries have left Visakhapatnam. It is sad that the drug culture is increasing among the youth. They said that they are committed to the development of Visakhapatnam. Many central institutions are coming to Visakhapatnam and it is all because of BJP. Purandeshwari said that India is developing rapidly because of Modi’s vision. She added.
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