voting for congress, aImIm and brs is equivalent to backing nepotism: Shah

Voting for Congress, AIMIM and BRS is equivalent to backing nepotism: Shah

As elections to 119 assembly seats of Telangana get nearer, the temperature in the political landscape is rising fast. While addressing a massive public rally in the Huzurabad constituency, the Union Home and Cooperation Minister, Amit Shah came down heavily on the Congress party, BRS and AIMIM. Shah told a horde of people gathered to hear him that voting for Congress, AIMIM or BRS is equivalent and risky for Telangana’s future. All these parties care about their own families and not the people, who they are supposed to serve, he said.
Shah said that these parties only believe in corruption. Only BJP can help determine the future of Telangana, as it cares about the state’s development.
Speaking of development, he said that back when Congress was in power, it only gave Rs. 2 lakh crore for development of the Andhra Pradesh (united), but BJP has given Rs 7 lakh crore to Telangana for its development. It is a clear distinction showing which party is serious about the state’s progress.
Exposing KCR’s habitual appeasement, the Central Home Minister criticized the 4% religious reservation given to Muslims under the influence of Owaisi (AIMIM). Under Modi’s leadership, the BJP government in Telangana aims to eliminate religious reservations and enhance quotas for OBC, SC, and ST.
Highlighting the injustices faced by the backward classes, Shah said that KCR and Congress have always been unjust to the backward classes.
‘I promise you that if BJP is elected to power in Telangana; the state will have its first CM belonging the backward classes,’ said the minister.
Speaking about the controversy vis-à-vis the celebration of Hyderabad Liberation Day, Shah made a solemn promise to Telangana. He promised that when a BJP government is in power, every year on September 17th, ‘Hyderabad Liberation Day’ will be observed across the state. In memory of the martyrs, every year on August 27th, ‘Razakar Virodh Diwas’ will be observed, and the BJP government will construct grand memorials for the martyrs, confirmed Shah.
In conclusion, Amit Shah appealed to the people of Telangana to consider the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. He highlighted the BJP’s support for the temple’s construction, contrasting it with the historical opposition from the Congress and TRS.
Morever, Shah also expressed the plan to make individuals visit the Ram temple once the BJP government is formed for the overall development of the state and the country. He emphasized the need to vote for the BJP symbol, the lotus, to establish a BJP government in Telangana and make Modi the Prime Minister in 2024.