Andhra Pradesh Government’s newly enacted (TRO) AP Land Titling Act, (Andhra Pradesh Land Rights Act,

Andhra Pradesh Government’s newly enacted (TRO) AP Land Titling Act, (Andhra Pradesh Land Rights Act,) is going to be a bane of the people’s governance.  Registration system, revenue system, judicial system are going to be closed down due to this law?

      TDP leader Adari Kishore Kumar
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Amaravati December 27(Bharat News)AP
He said that during the previous  In today’s Vaikapa regime, these perverted (TRO) land laws have been introduced.  Adari Kishore Kumar, the leader of the TDP, said that this is going to be the Bane of the AP people.

The AP Land Titling Act, 2022 (Andhra Pradesh Land Titles Act, 2022), which was brought into force by the Andhra Pradesh state government last month, is going to be in the hands of the people.  The registration system, the revenue system and the justice system, which served the people for 75 years after independence, are going to be closed soon?

The TRO is the final decision regarding your property.  You cannot challenge it in normal civil courts.  If your property or TRO has been included in the register of disputes under any circumstances, you cannot challenge the inclusion in the lower courts except in the High Court.

You must live in TRO visions every moment.  The TRO is in the hands of the local MLA or Member of Parliament giving a thumbs up to the ruling party.  Before that, every citizen will become a slave for life.

It is ridiculous that five or six hundred TROs who have no legal knowledge to be appointed by the government will be able to fix the work that registration staff, revenue staff, court staff and lawyers cannot do together.

After appointment of Land Authority, Title Registration Officer (TRO) all public taluk immovable properties come under the purview of such TRO.  If you want to write a gift deed giving a farm to your daughter, if you want to sell your property for your needs, if you get a mortgage decree from the court to collect the arrears.  If you want to go to court to enforce the said decree, if you are buying an immovable property, after getting it registered, you have to re-register it with the TRO.Un Less it’s not in Use , he said

Due to TRO, if your dispute is registered and a certificate is not issued, your claim and appeal will be invalid.  A.Kishore Babu explained to the people of Andhra Pradesh that the YSRCP government should agitate until the AP Land Titling Act (TRO) is repealed immediately. He stressed.
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