the family system is the backbone of Indian culture The shield of the family is

The family system is the backbone of Indian culture The shield of the family is women, the lifeblood of man’s existence, personality, thoughts is women.

Nary Shakti Summit at GSL Auditorium
         (Raja Pentapati Beauro Chief)
Amaravati October 30 (Bharat News) AP
Indian culture is said to be the most unique culture in the world.  Anandam Seetha Gayatri said that the backbone of such a culture is the family system, the woman is the shield of the family, the lifeblood of the man’s existence and personality, and the woman can perform different tasks as compared to the man, she is the head of the household and the lamp of the house.  Nari Shakti Sammet was held as a festival of eyes at GSL Auditorium, at Rajanagaram, East Godavari District.AP.

More than two thousand women from five districts of Andhra Pradesh participated in this festival.  Eminent mystic C. Ananta Lakshmi said that women are the lifeblood of orthodox Indian culture and the role of women in the preservation of culture from the Vedic period to today is immense.  Today the whole world is optimistic towards Indianness.  She said that women are the lifeline for the existence of such great Indianness.  She called upon young men and women to grow up with patriotic sentiments in all fields.

From the earliest times, women have been given a prominent role in the Indian Vedas, Puranas, Epics and Upanishads.  Today everyone wants to wake up to the power of women mentioned in those scriptures.

She said that there is a need for all women to study and know our great scriptures at a time when the intellectuals of Kuhana are misrepresenting Indian religion with perverted strategies and spreading foreign toxic culture by making religious conversions.  Many speakers opined that every woman should have the power to speak, the power to fight and the goals that will help the country’s progress.

Ganni Kashimbi, Chairman of GSL Medical College participated as the Chief Guest in this program. On topics of women’s problems and solutions.  Along with Vijay Bharti, Lingam Ujjwala, Jee Samyukta, Subhadra Rani Padmavathi, Achanta Anuradha, members of various spiritual, social and charitable organizations, women and others participated in this nari summit.
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