devotees should be alert at ghats, ‘strong security in Godavari catchment area

Devotees should be alert at ghats, ‘Strong security in Godavari catchment area
District S.P. Shri P. Jagadish,

  (Raja Pentapati Beauro Chief)

Amaravati November 14(Bharat News) AP
District SP P. Jagadish suggested that the devotees who come to take holy bath in Godavari river during the month of Kartika should be alert. He issued a statement to this effect on Tuesday. From today to December 11 to celebrate Kartika Masotsavam, devotees who go to Shaivite temples, ghats, Godavari riverside areas, canals, bends and deep ponds to take Kartika holy baths should be vigilant and take care if they bring children, old men and women along with them. He Said.

Women are advised not to go alone and not to go to unknown depths in the coastal areas of the Godavari river. Women should take more precautions while lighting lamps.

He said that devotees should be alert for thieves when they come to Saiva temples and ghats to take bath. Kotilingala Ghatu, Pushkara Ghatu in Rajamahendravaram Third Town Police Station, Markandeya Swami Ghatu in First Town Police Station and Gautami Ghatu in Second Town Police Station, Rampada Ghat in Dhawaleswaram Police Station and Gopadala in Kovvur Police Station are the areas where Kartika Masa baths and Karti lamps are left. Kartika Masa Baths at Ghatla,

Devotees should take proper precautions while leaving the Karti lights, devotees should not take bath in places where the water flow is high and deep at the Ghats, and devotees should take proper precautions near the important Shaivite temples across the district. He said that police presence is being made at important ghats and in the flow areas of Godavari river to prevent any untoward incident.
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