andhra pradesh is bound to turn into a desert if the Center does not pressurize on the distribution of

Andhra Pradesh is bound to turn into a desert if the Center does not pressurize on the distribution of Krishna water.
CPI national executive member Akkineni Vanaja
(Raja Pentapati Beauro Chief)
Amaravati November 5(Bharat News)AP
CPI national executive committee member Akkineni Vanaja announced in Rajahmundry yesterday that the central government has issued a gazette notification on the redistribution of Krishna water for political gain and that Andhra Pradesh will become a desert if it is implemented. She stressed.

On Saturday afternoon, the meeting of the Communist Party of India was held at the local CPI office under the chairmanship of Labor Union President Kundrapu Rambabu. Akkineni Vanaja was the chief guest.

She said that the Chief Minister’s lack of idea to at least organize an all-party meeting and raise concerns about Delhi on the distribution of Krishna water, and that Andhra Pradesh is becoming a desert. At least during yesterday’s cabinet meeting, the Center did not say a word about the center issuing the gazette notification while Chief Minister Jagan was in Delhi.

She said that drought will continue in the state like never before, not only in Rayalaseema but also in North Andhra Central Andhra regions, water or crops will dry up and drought will continue. She said that the absence of a new announcement on drought zones in the cabinet meeting is a proof of the Chief Minister’s incompetence.

Civil rights leader and President of IAL Muppalla Subbarao said that there is no democracy in this state and police state is running and if people are protesting against the policies of the government they continue to be severely arrested. many CPI leaders and others spoke in this meeting.
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