7 years boy had a Needle lodged in his lung.. Special device for operation with

7 years boy had a Needle lodged in his Lung.. Special device for operation with “Magnet Attached” Needle Extraction
The child was saved

    (Raja Pentapati Beauro Chief)

Amaravati November 5(Bharat News)AP
Doctors removed the needle inside a boy who was in a life-threatening condition after the needle went down in the tissues. On Wednesday, a complex operation on a 7-year-old boy was successful at Delhi AIIMS. Doctors prepared a special device for the operation. Doctors saved with an innovative approach. The child was saved by removing the needle with a magnet. The doctors recently disclosed the details of this operation which took place on Wednesday. Doctors revealed that a four-centimeter long needle had penetrated his lungs and the procedure was completed with the help of endoscopy.

Doctor said that there was a risk that the operation would become complicated for him in the traditional method, so he sought alternative ways. He said that a special device has been prepared for this purpose. A magnet was brought from the market and fitted to the device. It is explained that the magnet is inserted near the part containing the needle and the needle is pulled out. Will this experiment work? Or? He said that he had doubts about it at first. But, surprisingly, the needle came out on its own due to the magnetic effect. It is said that the entire procedure was performed through endoscopy.

Doctors said that if this experiment had not succeeded, the boy’s chest would have been opened and the needle removed. However, they claimed that the family members could not tell what actually happened to the boy.doctor said.
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